Water Treatment Systems

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The Right Water Treatment System for You.

Unfortunately, some problems can be difficult to fix. If you can’t control the source of contamination, or if you want additional peace of mind, consider installing a water treatment system that inactivates bacteria and other microorganisms.

There are a number of options. Point-of-use (POU) systems treat the water at a specific tap. So if you install a point of use system at your kitchen sink, for example, the water from your kitchen tap is treated. However, it means the water coming out of your bathroom tap is not. Point of entry (POE) systems typically cost somewhat more than POU systems; however, they treat all the water coming into the house, so you can turn on any tap knowing the water that comes out is safe.

There are also different treatment technologies. As Table 2 shows, not all water treatment systems inactivate microorganisms — a process called disinfection. Softeners and carbon filters do not disinfect your water. And generally, reverse osmosis systems do not, either. UV, chlorination, and ozonation all disinfect your water effectively.

Each technology has different benefits and drawbacks, so talk to a water treatment professional to decide which type of system best meets your needs.