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LCD Controller

VIQUA’s LCD Controller

This latest innovation is now available on the D4 Premium, D4+, D4-V+, E4, & F4 series (including the IHS22-E4) UV water disinfection units.

This new controller features a large LCD backlit display for easy reading, simultaneously displaying lamp life remaining, UV Intensity Status (Plus series only), support contact information, and lamp replacement reminder that indicates when the lamp needs to be replaced, ensuring continued water safety. The intuitive, user-friendly menu is dealer programmable and allows the user to quickly find the replacement parts needed for the system by using the replacement parts menu, as well as quick reference instructions on board for system troubleshooting.

VIQUA LCD Controller


  • Dealer-programmable support screen: load company logo and complete contact information
  • Intuitive, user-friendly menu
  • Multi-language support: English, French, Spanish
  • Soft-touch keys
  • Quick-reference instructions on board for system troubleshooting
  • Easily find the replacement parts by using our onboard replacement parts menu
  • Comprehensive Warranty
    • Ten-year limited warranty for VIQUA UV chamber
    • Three-year limited warranty for electrical and hardware
    • One-year limited warranty for lamps, sleeves, and UV sensor