Three-Stage Under Counter Water Filter

Enjoy our sophisticated, space-saving under counter system for on-demand, great-tasting, healthy water with the Aquasana three stage filter.

Aquasana Three Stage Under Counter Water Filter

Get more from our best performing water filter with our 3-Stage Drinking Water System. This system features the superior water filtration of our 2-Stage system plus increased capacity to 600 gallons and an additional pre-filter to catch sediment and reduce clogging of system.

Installation Video

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Aquasana 3 stage under counter water filter parts
Aquasana aq5300_product dimensions

Activated CarbonReduces pharmaceuticals, herbicides, pesticides, VOCs and MTBE.

Catalytic CarbonTargets chlorine and chloramines.

Ion-ExchangeFilters heavy metals like lead and mercury.

Absolute Sub-Micron Mechanical FiltrationCaptures asbestos and chlorine resistant cysts like cryptosporidium and giardia.

Product Specifications

Height: 9″
Length: 12″
Diameter: 4.25″
Inlet: 3/8″
Outlet: 1/4″
Rated flow rate: 0.5 gallons per minute
Capacity of filter: 600 gallons or 6 months

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