Countertop Filter

Aquasana Countertop Filter

The Aquasana AQ-4000 Countertop Water Filter reduces 10X the contaminants than the leading drip pitcher filter and is the easiest way to get on-demand, clean, healthy water right from your tap.

Remove pollutants, maintain healthy minerals

Our unique Aquasana countertop filter with twin cartridge, three-stage filtration system uses a combination of carbon filtration, ion exchange, and sub-micron filtration. Your tap water is forced under pressure over filtration material covering more than two million square feet of surface area. So it reduces over three times more contaminants than leading pitcher filter brands.

Aquasana Counter Top Filter
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Your water becomes contaminated from a variety of sources throughout the process of collection, treatment and delivery. From groundwater contamination at the source to chemical contamination at the treatment facility to rust and lead contamination as the treated water travels through pipes to your home, the water you drink and bathe in can contain dangerous levels of harmful contamination. This continuing level of contamination makes filtering your water a critical component of maintaining your health. With the AQ-4000 Countertop water filter, Aquasana Claryum™ filtration technology stands between you and the harmful contamination present in your water supply.

The AQ400 is NSF Certified Claryum® filtration technology is independently tested and verified to remove over 97% of chlorine and chloramines. It also lowers:

  • Heavy metals such as lead and mercury
  •  giardia and cryptosporidium that are resistant to chlorine
  • Organic chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides
  • Pharmaceuticals such as estrone

Claryum®‘s selective filtration technology retains naturally occurring beneficial minerals in your water like Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium for healthier, more delicious water!  The chemicals are filtered out leaving only minerals that are good for you.

No permanent fixtures or installation required. Simply screw on the faucet attachment for filtered water right from your tap! No more big, bulky filters cluttering up your sink space.  Instantly transforms tap water into healthy, great-tasting water with no installation or permanent fixtures.

Our system has been designed with the environment in mind! a creative system design that reduces plastic waste by diminishing disposable plastic parts.